Joel E. Zárate M.A. Spanish M.Ed.,

TESOL The California State University, Sonoma.


« I have been taking French lessons with Katy to help me improve my fluency in French. Ever since I met Katy, I have been impressed by her quality as a language teacher. She not only has a natural talent and intuition to lead your learning, but she actually has a strong background and knowledge in language teaching, pedagogy, and learning since she holds a master’s degree in Spanish and French with an emphasis in how languages are learned. For that reason, as someone who has also studied second language acquisition, I can be fully confident that Katy knows what she is doing, and I can trust her ability to adapt to my learning style so that I can get the most out of our languages lessons. It is a joy to learn from Katy, and I always look forward to our lessons. Her enthusiasm and good nature make the toil of learning a new language much easier to experience. It is a pleasure to recommend her to others whole heartedly. »





Sachito, from Japan, Software developer / architecture


« I adore art/cuisine and it is very interesting to have lessons with Katy, because she always finds me interesting articles or footages in the web for lessons. »




Helen, from Great Britain. Live in Val d’Isere, France.

Lawyer and Director and Owner of SnowDrone Transfers and Europe Transfer
www.snow-drone.com / www.europetransfer.com
« I have been taking lessons with Katy for over a year. Whilst I had a good level of French to begin with, I wanted to improve my understanding and fluency, not only because I love the French language, but also because I live and work in France and think that it is important to speak good French in order to integrate into the society. Katy has helped my development significantly and we are now discussing more complex issues and using more sophisticated grammar during our sessions. She is extremely patient and is always well prepared for each lesson. As she has been a language teacher for many years, she answers my grammatical questions clearly and thoroughly so I come away from each lesson feeling satisfied. »